What is Geographic Information Systems?

Geographic Informatiostems (GIS) is a computer based technology used to compile data, information and geographic features into maps and reports that local government officials use in decision making, managing and planning for the City. This provides a systematic way to collect, record,  and analyze public land related data. GIS allows for decisions to be made efficiently, and to be backed with reliable information.  This also provides a “one-stop” environment for geographic based information through GIS and web-based applications.


National Atlas

Nat-TX Map Pilot

GIS Information Board


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The information on this website and on any downloaded information are provided by the City of Rowlett Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division as a public service for non-commercial use. The GIS Division is continually updating the data and attempting to provide the most accurate information possible. This information is derived from several sources and due to reasons outside of our control, may or may not be complete or current. Such information is intended for reference only and it is the responsibility of the user to confirm any discrepancies in the data. Neither the City of Rowlett nor its information provider warrants the accuracy of the information, data or maps. The City of Rowlett is not responsible for any misdirected hyperlinks or referenced off-site webpage contents. All information is provided “As-Is” without warranty of any kind. Continued use of this website dictates your acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

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