Patio Covers


A permit is required for the construction of a patio cover. Setback requirements differ depending if the cover is attached to the house, or if it is free standing. For free standing covers setbacks are less restrictive than attached, freestanding setbacks are (5) five feet from the side property line and (3) three feet from the rear property line. For covers attached, setbacks are figured with your building line and determined by the sub-division you live in. In most cases 10% of the lot width at the building line for the side setbacks, and 15 to 20 feet in the rear.


A copy of a site plan or your property survey with the dimensions indicating the location of the patio cover on the property.

A plan with dimensions showing how the structure will be constructed and what materials will be used.


An inspection is required before any framing is covered up and at completion of work.


The permit fee for a patio cover is $30.00 per inspection and an application must be completed and submitted to the Building Inspection Department at 3901 Main St. Please contact the Building Inspection department at (972) 412-6125 for additional information.