Any above ground or in ground pool or spa requires a permit. A fence 6 feet in height is required around the pool, with self-closing and self-latching gates, with the gate latch in the upper quarter of the gate. Setback requirements for pools are 3 feet from the rear property line and 5 feet from the side property line and a 1 to 1 ratio at the house.

Gate must now open out away from the pool (for new fences only).

Doors with direct access to the pool area shall be equipped with an alarm.


Two copy’s of the site plan or your property survey with the dimensions indicating the location of the pool on the property, and also two pool plans showing the pool drawing with all pool features.

The electrical service provider shall stamp both copies of the pool drawing.


Belly Steel- before gunite, ground wire can be installed at this stage.

P-Trap- all pools are required to have a P-Trap installed

Gas- pools or spas needing gas for heating

Deck steel- ground wire can be installed at this stage

When the final plaster inspection is done, the fences, gates and alarms must be complete.

Pool Final- before final plaster, fences and gates must be complete


The permit fee for an above ground pool is $50.00 and for an in ground pool $200.00. An application must be completed and submitted to the Building Inspection Department at 3901 Main St. Please contact the Building Inspection Department at (972) 412-6125 for additional information.