Accounting / Finance

This website will provide you with answers to the following types of questions related to your department. If you have difficulty accessing this information or would like to take full advantage of the resources available on this website please attend one of our GIS Web orientation sessions to be held in November 2005.

What are the Asset Valuation Characteristics of our infrastructure such as Water, Sewer, Street, Right-of-Way etc? (ex: Replacement Cost, Value at Acquisition, Annual Depreciation, Accumulated Depreciation, Unit Cost, Current Value, etc)
What are the characteristics of this Water, Storm or Sanitary Sewer Line? (ex: Size, Material, Year Installed, etc.)
How are various Asset Valuation Characteristics calculated?
What type of Business is located in this property?
Where are the Emergency Facilities located in our City?
What is the legal description of this property?
What is the status of our Capital Improvement Projects?
What type of facilities are available throughout our Parks System?
When was this house built?
What is the Condition and Quality of this property?
What are the boundaries of this Subdivision?
When was this property Annexed?
Are there any Tax Exemptions for this property receiving?
What is the Certified Value of this property?
What is the current appraised value of this property and its appraisal history?
What is the Depreciation Rate of this property?
What is the Median Household Income of this area?
What is the Net Lease Area of this property?
What is the Tax Composition for this property? (ex: School District Tax, County Tax, Hospital Tax etc)
What is the Taxable Value of this property?
What is the Taxing Jurisdiction?
What are Infrastructure Cost Assumptions for Asset Valuation?