Fire and Rescue

This website will provide you with answers to the following types of questions related to your department. If you have difficulty accessing this information or would like to take full advantage of the resources available on this website please attend one of our GIS Web orientation sessions to be held in November 2005.

Where are the Emergency Facilities located in our City?
What are our Evacuation Routes in times of emergency?
What type of HVAC system is installed in this house?
How far is the closest Fire Station located?
How much is the Static, Pitot and Kinetic Pressure observed in Fire Hydrant number XXX during the last inspection?
What are the entry and exit avenues for this building?
How many traffic accidents occurred at this intersection?
How many Traffic Signs are located within this intersection or within certain distance of this street network and what are their characteristics? (ex: 4 Traffic Lights, 3 Turn Left Signs, 4 Turn Right Signs, 6 Nos. 45 mph and 4 Nos. 55 mph Speed Limit Signs, etc.)
Who is the owner of this property?
How many stories is this property built?
What type of Business is located in this property?
When was this house built?
What is the Contact Information of the Home Owners Association of this Subdivision?
What is the Floor Plan of this property?
What is the Public Transportation Route in our City?
What are the Housing Characteristics of this part of the City? (ex: Total Housing Units, Year Structure Built, No. of Rooms, Occupied Housing Units, Owner-Occupied Units, Monthly Owner Costs by Mortgage Status, etc)
What is the Aerial View of this Site?
What are our Street Address Ranges?
What is the construction and foundation type (ex: C-Masonry, Block, Tilt-Wall with Pier) of this property?
What is the location of the building on this property?
What is the Contour Characteristic of this piece of land?
What type of facilities are available throughout our Parks System?