Human Resources

This website will provide you with answers to the following types of questions related to your department. If you have difficulty accessing this information or would like to take full advantage of the resources available on this website please attend one of our GIS Web orientation sessions to be held in November 2005.

What are the General Demographic Characteristics of this part of the City? (ex: Total Population, Sex and Age Categories, Race, Household Relationship, Households by Type, Household Occupancy, Housing Tenure and Household Size, etc.)
What are the population characteristics (age, sex, martial status, etc.) of the people living within one mile, two mile, three mile etc., of this property?
What are the Economic Characteristics of this part of the City? (ex: Employement Status, Commuting Mode to Work, Occupation Type, Industry Type, Family Income Level, etc. )
Where are the Emergency Facilities located in our City?
Who is the owner of this property?
What is the Aerial View of this Site?